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Bath & Kitchen Plumbing Remodel

remodeled bathroom

Lets face it our houses are getting older and slightly outdated. The good news is – we at A&A plumbing love working with outside cabinet and counter-top companies. Working together we can transform your tired looking kitchen and bathrooms into luxurious, modern living spaces that you’ll be happy to share with your guests.

From granite counter-tops to custom stone tile, we will install your new modern beautiful sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and water purifiers to suite anyone’s perfectionist eye. If you choose, you can have your own contractor install your counters and tile. We will then come in and professionally install all of your top-out plumbing fixtures.

If you don’t like where everything is located, we will work with the cabinet remodeling company to move the water, gas, and sewer lines wherever needed for your new full remodel.

Give us a call for an estimate on your next project.