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Electronic Leak Detection

electronic leak detector

We pride ourselves in using the top-of-the-line equipment in order to provide you with the most cost efficient and quickest repair solution for your broken or leaking pipes. From listening devises to electronic pipe locating equipment, we have the know-how and equiment needed to find your leak and repair it fast, before any more damage is done.

Our regular visits to trade shows and plumbing seminars helps to ensure that we have the newest technology and fine tuning of our skills in finding and repairing burst underground and in-wall piping, water, and gas systems.

With our equipment we can tell you precisely where the leak is and exactly how much the repair will cost. After we have found the leak we can then present you with options for a long lasting, permanent repair such as a re-route – so we don’t have to destroy your expensive flooring, or a complete copper re-pipe – eliminating those old galvanized steel pipes throughout your house.

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