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Mainline Rooter and Repair

mainline trench

The use of new and exciting technology makes our job a lot more precise, and inexpensive for you.

A&A plumbing has been rootering and cleaning out main lines and small drains since we started the business back in the early 70’s, and all the while learning new techniques. From measuring the cable on its way out of the line and using a stethoscope to listen for rattles at the end of the snake (the old-school way), to utilizing modern sewer cameras and locating equipment to find the exact depth and location of the problem (the new-school method), we are constantly evolving and developing our techniques in order to give you the best service possible.

Knowing exactly where and what the problem is gives us the ability to give a more precise quote for your repairs. We will let you know exactly how much it’s going to cost up-front. With our Sewer Camera we will show you exactly what the problem is, after which our mainline tech will usually give you a couple options to best suit your budget. From a simple repair (cutting the bad section out and replacing it), to pipe bursting and lining (in case the section is to long to complete a small section repair), we’ll do whatever it takes to fix your mainline problems at the lowest possible cost to you.

Give us a call for a quote on your root or off-set problem.