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Septic Disconnect and Sewer Connect

mainline septic disconnect and connect to sewer

If your septic system is no longer functioning properly, and you have access to the city’s sewer line out in front of your house, then you are a perfect candidate for this proceedure.

A&A Plumbing and Rooter Service will disconnect and demolish your current septic system, and re-connect you to your city’s sewage system instead. That means no more pumping costs for you, and a worry-free sewer line for decades to come. In most cases, you won’t even having to stop using your household plumbing while we do the work!

Here’s The Process:
First we’ll locate and pump out your existing septic tank. Using electronic locating devices we will then locate your leaching system for demolition. Next we will establish if you have a lateral sewer line already in place on your property, or if your job requires a tie-on to the street’s sewer main. We will follow this with a quick trip city hall to secure permits and pay the necessary fees, and then it’s off to work we go! Sounds easy, right? If it’s handled by our professional sewer connection team, you can be sure it’ll go easy! And you won’t loose any sleep throughout the process.

Give us a call for an estimate. A perfectly working sewer line awaits!