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Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer camera

It has been said that “Seeing is believing!” At A&A Plumbing and Rooter Service, all of our technicians’ vans are equipped with sewer cameras so you can do just that. These cameras are a vital part of the modern day rooter service, and our high-resolution cameras make it very easy to show you the problem instead of just telling you about it.

If you’re experiencing a continous problem with your main sewer line, or kitchen sink line, you may have an offset, a root problem, or perhaps a broken section of pipe causing the trouble. We love to show people the inside of their sewer line, and will usually camera your line free of charge after a rooter service. We can tell you what, where, and how deep the problem is, and how much it is going to cost to repair it, all with one machine. We prefer to repair plumbing issues permanently, and not just put a “band aid” on the problem.

If you are purchasing a new home and would like to have us camera the sewer lines, give us a call. You never know, you could be purchasing a large problem, or we might just set your mind at ease knowing that your sewer lines aren’t going to cause and problems at all!

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