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Water, Sewer, and Gas Re-Piping

Two broken plumbing pipe almost completely blocked with vibrant orange rust.

Orange water? Rust particles coming from your faucets? Black mold? Funny smells?…  You may need a re-pipe!

From the removal of old pipes to the installation of new ones, and getting the house back in operation – sewer, water and gas re piping in a typical residential home usually takes no more than a day. Then one more day for dry wall, trench filling, and clean up. From gas lines for new swimming pool to a full house restoration, we can help you take care of your investment.

It has long been talked about amongst plumbers how all it’ll take is one fair-sized earthquake, and galvanized pipes will be bursting all over town. Don’t wait for a slab leak to ruin your wood floors, or your beautiful tile and carpet. Have your house upgraded to copper pipes, so that there are no worries regarding your household plumbing.

Most older homes have cast iron piping. If yours is a raised foundation house you should have your sewer lines checked regularly to make sure they are not rusting away and leaking. This will cause mold and wood rot, leading to costly repairs and restorations, and in some cases having your home “condemned” by the city inspector.

Give us a call for an estimate on a sewer, gas, or water line re-pipe.